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In recent years, teeth straightening via Invisalign has become increasingly popular in Brisbane. However, many people fail to consider if their method of teeth straightening is safe. Like any other cosmetic treatment, you will see far better results in a safe environment if you consult a professional. 

What is DIY Invisalign?

Invisalign is the ‘braces alternative. It uses a series of clear aligners that you swap out to slowly straighten teeth – this of it as an invisible brace.  DIY Invisalign involves mail order aligners, that are available without any form of dental consultation. There are huge inherent risks with such teeth straightening methods.

Instead of visiting a dentist, these direct-to-consumer companies will supply you with a at home impression kit to mail back to them. These are then reviewed by ‘technicians’, who will make the aligners and send them back to the patient.  The goal of these products is to make money, not the care and safety of your teeth.

Some states in the US have enacted rules that render these services illegal. Major medical organisations such as the America Dental Association have alleged that these companies put patients in danger and are practicing medicine illegally. They have filed complaints with the FTC, FDA and at least 36 state boards.

Problems with DIY Invisalign

You get what you pay for. 

No Comprehensive Exam prior to Invisalign

Prior to undergoing Invisalign, it is imperative that your dentist assess your candidacy. Serious health problems such as gum disease and cavities can be overlooked by home-kits. 

At Bite Dental, before beginning Invisalign you will have an initial consultation to determine if you are an appropriate Invisalign patient. Before you are able to go ahead, you will also need to complete any outstanding or required dental treatment.

No supervision during Invisalign treatment

Once your Bite Invisalign trays are complete, we will meet with you for a second consultation to enure they fit properly. You will then be provided with 3 sets of aligners to upgrade to when instructed. You therefore require routine appointments to ensure your teeth are moving in a safe and correct manner. 

However, with DIY mail aligners, your teeth may move slower or faster than anticipated. You may also develop gum disease or cavities during treatment. One customer of DIY aligners was even forced to remove his aligners with wire cutters after he was struggling to breath. Supervising is therefore imperative during this treatment, especially if you are sourcing them over the internet!

Your teeth and your costs could get worse with DIY aligners

One case of DIY aligners had an extremely bad result with their DIY Invisalign. Due to the aligners, they were diagnosed by an outside orthodontist with a cross-bite.  She attests that she tried these aligners to save money, however ended up spending thousands of dollars on traditional braces to fix her teeth. The cost of this DIY Invisalign can therefore greatly exceed that of professional Invisalign.

There are clearly huge dangers with DIY aligners. If you are investigating Invisalign, or or any other cosmetic procedure, it is important that you consult a specialist.

Which Invisalign do you need? Why its the Bite Dental Brisbane CBD Invisalign!

Depending on your treatment needs, Invisalign in Brisbane and Australia can cost anywhere from $4500-$9000. At Bite Dental Studios in Brisbane City, we offer flexible Invisalign payment plans including Zip Pay and interest free options so you can break down your total cost into affordable weekly or monthly payments

Don’t fall for the advertising claims that distort and amplify the results.  Don’t order Invisalign over the internet. It is important to consider the dangers of DIY aligners and look at the reviews. After all, this treatment is going into your mouth, so you want to ensure it is safe as well as effective. 

Right now, we are offering new patients a full check-up for $95. This involves a consultation with a dentist, a full check-up exam, and any necessary x-rays. You are also able to discuss your smile and Invisalign goals.  Let’s start your Brisbane smile makeover today!

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