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Know what to expect from dental costs in the Brisbane CBD

We often get questions regarding dental fees and the popular consensus is that dentists tend to overcharge. Most dental practices run at around 5-10% profit, which means that the $300 filling you just got earned the practice about $25. So how can dental fees vary from practice to practice? The answer is there is a vast difference in what you are actually getting, so it’s like asking: “how much does a red car cost?”

Make sure the treatment you get at one practice is the same as another. Don’t just go for the most expensive or the cheapest.

Ask the questions:

Bite Dental Studios sits in the middle of the dental fee ladder. Our initial consultation includes an examination, which is a full hour with a dentist.

There are more expensive and cheaper practices out there, but make sure you are informed about what you’re getting before making your choice. Remember a cheap haircut will grow out, but you will have your teeth for life.

You can easily find stories of dental work gone wrong. We know because every week people come to us to correct the unfortunate work that has been done on the cheap elsewhere.

Comparing apples and oranges

So, what should I look out for? What should I ask?

Saving money on a check-up that only lasts 15 minutes, but doesn’t catch disease can be a costly mistake. Ask about the actual time you will spend with your dentist. You have around 28 teeth to check which takes time! Root canal treatment that is done in just one appointment (half the time = half the price!) can actually mean a lower success rate and you could lose your tooth.

Crowns, bridges and implants can be made cheaply leading to costly failures or permanent jaw joint damage. Find out where and who makes them. Are they actually a qualified dental technician? It seems ridiculous, but legally anyone can make a crown out of any material for a tooth!

Cheap filling materials can shrink excessively, leak and fail prematurely. Fillings should last eight to 10 years but the current insurance statistics in Australia show a three to five-year lifespan. Find out the name of the material and ‘Google it’. It’s your mouth that will become home to this material so find out if the practice uses a hygienist or tries to squeeze the clean into the exam time as well.

Kids dental fees

Both Dr. Simon and Dr. Nick have a young family and understand the importance of looking after teeth from a young age.

For this reason, Bite Dental caps the gap for kids covered under a health fund to $50 — and for those not covered, to $100 for the full examination, check-up, clean and any x-rays required.


Bite Dental’s belief in caring for kids is reflected in Simon’s work treating orphaned children in Vietnam via the East Meets West Foundation Dental Program. Our previous hygienist Jenna has also volunteered her time helping this worthy cause.

Child Dental Benefits Schedule​

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule is a program run by the Australian Government. If your child is between the ages of 2 and 17, they may be eligible for this program. The CDBS allows for up to $1000 in dental benefits for standard services, such as dental examinations, cleaning, fillings, x-rays, root canals, fissure sealing and extractions. The CDBS can be utilised in both a public or private setting. 

To be eligible for the CDBS program, the child must be between the ages of 2-17 years old and their carer has to have Family Tax Benefit Part A or a relevant payment from the Australian Government.

For children who are part of this program, there is no out of pocket expense. As it is means base tested, not all children are entitled to the program. Chat to our team today to find out if you fit the eligibility.  

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