Emergency Dentist Brisbane

Emergency dental work and same-day appointments

Dental emergency or sudden pain? Help is just a phone call away

We offer same-day emergency dental care for tooth emergencies or situations where you are in pain or concerned. We are here when you need us.

Give us a call, and we will find out more about your dental emergency and book you in for urgent, fast-tracked care.

Our level of care is optimal, and our dentists can even  jump on a video call to make sure everything is okay.

emergency dentist in brisbane

Emergency Dental Lab work

Need emergency dental lab work? We’ll get it sorted faster.

Treatments that would otherwise take weeks waiting for lab work at other clinics can be done in just days for our clients.

How? We have an on-site lab that facilitates preferential, faster service. We’ll fast track your urgent work and get solutions to you sooner.

Experienced in handling dental emergencies

Our dentists and our entire support team are experienced in handling dental emergencies. Our team is trained in handling emergency and painful situations with expertise, care, calm, efficiency and thoughtfulness.

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Unsure if you have a dental emergency? Check in with us for peace of mind

Unsure what constitutes a dental emergency? If you are in pain, suffering, bleeding, have experienced an accident involving your teeth or gums or are anxious about your situation potentially being an emergency, don’t hesitate to call us.

For many dental emergencies, acting sooner can prevent the problem from escalating into larger, more severe, or permanent issues.

Our welcoming team can help put you at ease, guide you on what you can do now, and book a same-day appointment for the urgent care you may need

If you are concerned, even if you are unsure if your situation is an emergency, we would rather you get in touch with us, just in case.

Just reach out to our efficient and caring team now, to let us know you may have a dental emergency. We will take care of you from there.

dental emergency brisbane

Some examples of dental emergencies include:

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or are concerned you may have another emergency dental situation, do not hesitate to contact our friendly team.

Please note, if you have sustained trauma to other parts of your body or are experiencing a considerable amount of bleeding, you may require urgent medical attention at a hospital or via an ambulance.

Call us now or, outside of hours, book online.

Or call us on 07 3221 5399

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