The Cost of Tooth Extraction Brisbane

Tooth Extraction involves removing the tooth from it’s socket in the bone. At Bite Dental, we know that in terms of pain and the cost of tooth extraction in Brisbane, prevention is better than cure. People generally think that if there is no pain in the mouth, there is no problem. However, issues that can lead to the need for tooth removal are often silent. By the time you experience pain, the infection has been there for some time. 

Why would I need a tooth extraction? 

You may require a tooth extraction for a variety of reasons:

  • You may have gum disease, the leading cause of tooth extraction surgery.
  • If you have fractured teeth, you may require tooth extraction. This is the second leading cause of tooth removal.
  • Your mouth may be overcrowded.
  • Decay has reached deep into your tooth.
  • An infection has destroyed a large section of tooth or surrounding bone.
  • Wisdom tooth extraction may be necessary before or after they come in.

How do I know if I need a tooth extraction?

If you experience symptoms such as severe tooth pain, swollen gums surrounding one or two teeth, a presence or history of gum disease or you can feel your wisdom teeth coming through, you may require tooth extraction. To identify issues early, we recommend you visit Bite Dental every 6 months.

Wisdom teeth, otherwise known as molars, vary greatly depending on the person. Some lucky people—about 35% of the population—never have to face wisdom tooth extraction because they never develop these teeth at all. However, most people develop wisdom teeth and lack sufficient room in their jaws for the teeth to function.

This can lead to problems when the wisdom teeth crowd or displace the other teeth. They are notoriously difficult to access and clean which means they can decay very easily. Cysts can also develop around impacted wisdom teeth, leading to a deformed jawbone and other serious problems. If your wisdom teeth do fit, problems can develop later as the area can constantly harbour low-grade inflammation. This can lead to the need for infected wisdom tooth removal. 

At Bite Dental, we take the time to assess the need for wisdom teeth surgery for every patient. This is done through a full mouth x-ray to determine the presence and position of the wisdom teeth before proceeding with a molar extraction.

Tooth Extraction Cost Brisbane

Tooth extraction cost in Brisbane will vary depending on your situation. Whether you require wisdom teeth removal, an infected tooth extraction or an emergency tooth extraction, the goal is to get you out of pain and into a stable condition, within your financial capacity. The cost of the appointment, therefore, can vary greatly, some of which will be covered by your health fund if you are a member. 

However, as is true with all dentistry matters, prevention is better (and cheaper) than cure. Please consider the average cost of tooth extractions ( whether it be wisdom teeth removal cost or emergency tooth removal) to necessary preventative procedures. Regular dental checkups are significantly cheaper than having your tooth pulled. 

To prevent the need for tooth extraction, you should visit your dentist regularly. At Bite Dental, we recommend 6-monthly checkups and cleans. Dental teeth cleaning is different to your daily tooth brushing and flossing. When you have your teeth professionally cleaned by a dentist, it involves removing dental plaque and tartar (calculus) build-up on your teeth, with the use of specialised instruments.

Make sure you book your consultation or check-up today! Whether you are worried you may require a tooth removal, any other dental medical conditions, or if it has been over 6 month since your last visit. Right now, we are offering new clients the chance to join our studio, with a full one-hour dental check-up, consultation, and any x-rays required, all for just $99.If you are ready to see a dentist who is convenient, trustworthy and has a personalised approach, please call us on 07 3221 5399 or contact us today.

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