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You deserve a happy, healthy, confident and beautiful smile for life, and we’re passionate about making that happen for you. Our experienced and leading dentists are dedicated to improving and enhancing the appearance of your smile with world-class cosmetic dentistry.

A faster turnaround for cosmetic treatments.

We have an on-site lab that allows us to access preferential, fast service. We also work closely with Maxillofacial specialists and other high-quality practitioners located on our floor and within our Health Hub.

This means that treatments such as veneers and dentures that would otherwise take weeks elsewhere, take just days for our clients. It also means that our location is a one-stop-shop for our clients.

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Want a cosmetic smile makeover, cosmetic injectables, veneers, or to have your teeth whitened, straightened, or aligned?

Book a free cosmetic consultation with one of our leading cosmetic dentists today and learn more about our wide range of world-class cosmetic dentistry services and find the best fit for you and your smile.

Need a check-up as well? Take advantage of our new patient offer and get a full check-up, any x-rays needed and a 1-hour dental consultation.

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During your first appointment with our Newstead Dentist, you can expect a customised experience. Our friendly team will greet you and ensure your comfort throughout the visit. The appointment typically includes a one-hour consultation with a leading dentist, a full check-up exam, and any necessary x-rays. We will discuss your dental health, address any concerns or questions you may have, and create treatment plan for you if needed. 

If you need to cancel a dental appointment at Bite Dental, we kindly ask that you provide us with ample notice. This allows us to offer the appointment to another patient in need. In case of a cancellation, please contact us at 07 3221 5399 as soon as possible. If the cancellation is made within the required notice period, any deposit paid will be refunded or offset against future charges. However, if the cancellation is made with insufficient notice or in the case of a no-show, the deposit may be forfeited. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Yes, at Bite Dental near Newstead, we understand that dental treatments can involve varying costs. We offer various financial options and payment plans to make dental treatment more accessible. We accept private health funds, allowing you to claim our dental services through your health insurance. Additionally, we offer Humm and Zip Money as buy now, pay later options. Humm allows you to make interest-free payments for purchases up to $30,000, while Zip Money provides interest-free finance options for larger purchases. We also offer the option to use early release of superannuation for necessary dental procedures. Contact us or visit our clinic to learn more about our financial options and payment plans.

The cost of dental teeth whitening can vary depending on various factors, including the dental clinic, the method of whitening, and the extent of discoloration. It is best to book a consultation with our Newstead dentist for an accurate cost estimate based on your specific needs and desired results.

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