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Red Wine. No Blue

Dr Franks wanted a short one-word name. Fresh. New. A bit trendy. And a little evocative and raw. As for colour, dentistry blue was totally unacceptable. It’s white, plastic, starchy, kind of intimidating and sterile. This was anathema to the brand image that became Bite Dental.

Music is a Fun Place To Be

Dr Franks looks back at how he spent a lot of time playing music (bass and guitar) in school, how he and his friends formed a rock band. He still picks up a guitar on occasion and hacks out a song or two. Just for the sheer enjoyment of playing.

Will No One Think of the Young Dentist

There’s a real failure in the dental education system with the training of young dentists. Too many dentists have lost touch with the reason why they’re dentists. Too many don’t serve patients anymore: they just fix teeth.

People Want Service

Soccer is OK, Surfing Is Where It's At

Man, Not A Business

Franks Through the Ages

Fall of an Egotistical Shit

Don't Pander

She's My Anchor

At Least Try

Monkey Could Do It


All Roads Lead To Dentistry

Not About Money

First Heart Recipient

Not Clever, Tenacious

Empty Profession

Think of Young Dentists

Treatment Planning

Person Behind The Teeth

The Ideal Patient

Lessons In Diversity

Love Of Learning

Over 200+


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