New Year New Teeth

We are happy to announce that it’s finally 2021! Here at Bite Dental Studios 2021 is the year of treating ourselves. And what better way to treat yourself than with cosmetic dentistry?! Teeth Whitening, veneers, and smile makeovers are our go-to.

Cosmetic dentistry involved procedures to enhance the appearance of your smile. These procedures can mask discrepancies in your teeth, such as shape and size, discolouration, misalignment, and missing teeth. 

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment Options:

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is the fastest, easiest, and most non-invasive way to improve the appearance of your smile. This procedure is based on hydrogen peroxide stain removal, so think of it as removal of deep stains rather than whitening. The conventional take-home whitening results can achieve good results. However, this usually takes up to two weeks.

Zoom! whitening can speed up the process. This is ideal if you find it difficult to regularly wear whitening trays, or if you’re looking for instant results. With Zoom! we can brighten your smile by 8-10 shades in just one hour. As stains can and do come back, tooth whitening is an ongoing program at Bite Dental Brisbane. Unlike standard packages, our team at Bite Dental will continue to reassess your maintenance requirements at every future visit. You will also receive a complimentary ‘top-up’ solution at every six-monthly check-up to maintain your bright and healthy smile.   If you’re looking for teeth whitening in Brisbane to gift yourself this Christmas, learn more here.


A dental veneer is made from porcelain or a composite resin. It is used to hide gaps, imperfections and discolouration in your teeth. Dental veneers are only placed on the tooth enamel in the ‘smile zone’ — this is the top and bottom six teeth that are visible when you smile. To achieve an overall glowing smile, dental veneers are often used in conjunction with teeth whitening treatments.

Porcelain veneers can’t be bleached by teeth whitening products. If during your initial consultation, you are unhappy with the overall colour of your teeth, we may recommend a teeth whitening treatment first. This way, if you do require whitening in the future it won’t adversely affect the colour of your smile. If veneers are on your wish list, learn more here.

Smile Makeover

If you would like to improve the overall appearance of your smile, a Smile Makeover is for you! A smile makeover is a series of treatments to help you achieve your desired goal. Everyone’s face and teeth are different — so we will carry out a comprehensive oral examination and listen to your concerns and desired outcome at your initial consultation. Using this information, we can then put together a treatment plan that is unique to you and your needs.  We understand that there is more to your smile than just your teeth.

For this reason, we offer cosmetic injectables as part of our services. As dentists, we are ideally positioned to understand the relationship of your lips to your teeth and face. This allows us to help you receive treatment to suit not just your teeth but your overall facial appearance. You can learn more here regarding everything Smile Makeover related.

If you haven’t seen us for a while, or are considering any form of cosmetic dentistry, we highly encourage you to make an appointment at your favourite Brisbane City dentist in the new year. 

Right now, we are also offering new patients a full check-up for $99. This involves a consultation with a dentist, a full check-up exam, and any necessary x-rays. You will be able to improve your oral health at your favourite dentist in Brisbane City.

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