Why Regular Check-Ups Are So Important?

There really is no way of overstating the importance of a regular dental check-up

A check-up is still the most effective way to maintain your oral health and we urge our Brisbane patients to come in every six months. At Bite Dental, we firmly believe prevention is the best cure and by receiving a regular dental check-up we can ensure any concerns are dealt with at their source. Aside from the early diagnosis of potentially dangerous issues such as gum disease, we also give you a professional, thorough cleaning.

As a practice, we are also very passionate about raising awareness of and treating diabetes. It’s ingrained in our preventative approach and by recognising early signs of gum disease we can help to take control of not only your dental health but your overall health too. Everyday dental care tips can only take you so far and you should never stay away on the basis that you brush and floss twice a day. That’s where we come in. During your consultation with us, we will make sure that you understand why it’s so important to come in at least every six months. Should we discover any issues after a comprehensive examination of your dental health, we will put together a treatment solution that is suitable, and in your best interests.

Professional Teeth Cleaning Treatments from Bite Dental

Whether we like it or not, our mouths are never as clean as we think they are, regardless of how many times a day we brush and floss. A dental check-up is the only way to properly discern just how much work needs to be done. There are always going to be problem areas that we simply can’t reach with regular brushing and it’s in these parts that a dental check-up can work wonders. When plaque builds up without being removed for long periods it calcifies forming a substance known as calculus (also known as tartar). Calculus is almost impossible to remove simply by brushing.

Your teeth are constantly enveloped by saliva which contains calcium and other substances that protect your teeth. Over time, these calcium deposits take on a chalky appearance and settle between your teeth and gums. When you come in for your dental check-up we will use a few choice professional items to scale this plaque build-up. Using an ultrasonic instrument, we can loosen these deposits and clean the affected area quickly and efficiently. However, if the area has been left untreated for a while, it may take longer to unsettle these deposits and clean your teeth sufficiently. Once your dentist is satisfied that your teeth are clean, he will commence with polishing your teeth and applying a fluoride solution to help strengthen them.

Why Do You Need to Clean Your Teeth Regularly?

Even though your teeth may appear clean from the outside, the environment caused by plaque build-up is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria to grow and thrive. Regular dental check-ups are the only way to ensure that the bacteria in your mouth don’t spiral out of control and cause infections to your gums and teeth. The presence of calculus also makes it incredibly difficult to clean your teeth when you’re at home, but there are ways to avoid dental problems that we can share with you.

Here are some everyday dental care tips that we hope will help you maintain your dental health when you’re at home.

  • Watch your diet! Sugary foods in large quantities encourage the bacteria in your mouth to release damaging acids that can harm your teeth.
  • Drink plenty of water especially after eating.
  • Brush your teeth well and for a reasonable amount of time.
  • Floss, floss and floss some more!

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