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Your dental health and overall health are closely related.

Your dentist can effectively diagnose other health issues from the condition of your teeth, gums, and mouth. Here at Bite Dental, we prioritise our patients’ overall well-being. This can mean taking holistic and further measures than what is conventionally considered ‘dentistry’ and looking at your entire body’s health.

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Conditions which may be linked to oral health


People who have diabetes are at a greater risk to develop gum disease. This occurs because diabetes lowers the body's resistance to fight off infections. This is also dangerous as gum disease can cause greater insulin resistance, which can cause blood sugar levels to rise. To prevent this from occurring, it's important to have regular dental check-ups and cleans.

Cardiovascular disease

There is a link between having poor dental health and gum disease, which increases the risk of heart disease and clogged arteries. Having poor dental health can increase the chances of bacteria entering the bloodstream, which can impact the valves in the heart. There is also a chance for periodontal disease to cause a build-up of cholesterol and fats on artery walls which can restrict blood flow, or result in clotting.

Pregnancy and birth complications

There is a connection between poor dental health and premature birth, as well as low birth weight. There is a chance that a build-up of bad bacteria in the mouth can enter the bloodstream and in a pregnant lady, this bacterium can travel to the placenta and interfere with the development and growth of the unborn child.


This condition causes bones to weaken, which also means osteoporosis can cause the jawbone to weaken and lose density. The weakening of the jawbone is detrimental to your oral health as it holds the teeth firmly in place. This condition can cause the chance of tooth loss and fractures to increase, which will also leave you more prone to gum disease.

Oral cancer

It's no surprise that bad oral health can increase your chances of developing oral cancer. Several studies on dental health have found that periodontal disease significantly increases the chance of oral cancer. To maintain good oral health it's important to visit the dentist regularly, brush your teeth and floss daily, rinse your mouth regularly and avoid harmful products such as tobacco and overuse of alcohol.

Kidney disease

There is a link between periodontal disease and kidney disease. Kidney disease weakens the immune system, which makes it harder for the body to fight off infections such as gum disease.

Dementia and tooth loss

Regardless of age, gender, the number of teeth lost and other factors, studies have found that tooth loss can cause dementia. The chance of dementia occurring increases depending on how many teeth are missing, however it also decreased with periodontal treatment.

Further, any bad bacterias that form in the mouth and end up in the bloodstream have a chance to travel to the brain and impact brain cells.


Your mouth acts as a window to your entire body, which makes it easy for bacteria to enter the body. The mouth is directly connected to the respiratory tract, which means bacteria and viruses can easily travel to your lungs causing an infection and influenza.


Endocarditis is the infection of the heart's chambers and or valves, which is caused when bacteria enter the bloodstream and attaches to areas in the heart. Infections such as gum disease and other sores inside the mouth can cause this. Endocarditis can impact the hearts valves ability to open and close properly.

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