Tooth Decay in Children is a Very Real Cause for Concern!

Those pearly whites that often bring a photograph to life need special care and attention to remain in prisitine condition.  However, amidst helping with homework, fixing meals and shopping, it’s tough to remember about your child’s dental care requirements!

Most people confuse tooth erosion with tooth decay, which is the progressive loss of tooth enamel as a result of a plaque acid attack.  On the other hand tooth erosion is caused by a direct acid attack by excessive exposure to fizzy drinks and fruit juice.  A recent study revealed that more tha 93% of parents didn’t think their children could have eroded teeth and those who did thought that this dental health problem could be reversed.  Unfortunately it can’t.  Once you child loses tooth enamel it is gone for good!

So what really causes tooth erosion?  There are both extrinsic as well as intrinsic sources from which acid originates.  Intrinsic sources such as acid reflux or vomiting starts from the stomach and lets the acid rise up into the mouth.  Extrinsic sources are acid rich food and drinks such as fruit juice and soft drinks.

Preventative Steps That Can Help

When it comes to oral health it is crucial to identify the problem before it gets our of hand.  When tooth erosion is spotted in the early stages, you can limit the damage caused.  Take you child to the dentist regularly, so they can evaluate whether the erosion is getting worse.

Always remember that milk and water are the safest drinks for your children.  Yes we know they will want anything but milk and water, but natural fruit juice contains fruit acids which cause tooth erosion and wear.  Once acid is present in the mouth it will eat away at the enamel, so remember to dilute drinks with water to minimise the damage.  Most kids like to sip their drinks over  long period of time, but this will be harmful to their teeth as it prolongs the acid attack.  If they finish up quickly, the teeth are not in contact with the acidic or sugar substance for too long.  Don’t leave a baby with a sugary drink in a feeder or bottle for too long nor should you baby go to sleep drinking from a bottle.

Allow your child to drink only water after their bedtime brushing ritual.  Further, when buying medicines, ask you pharmacist for sugar free liquid medicine formulas.

Tell Tale Signs of Erosion

While we try to protect our children from several dangers, we often ignore trouble that could be brewing within their own bodies.  In most cases, dental erosion affects the upper front teeth.  If your child’s teeth appear short, glassy and have uneven tips, then it’s time to do something about it.  Your child may also complain of sensitive teeth especially when drinking cold or hot beverages.  Further, the teeth may appear slightly yellow as the dentine beneath the enamel is darker in colour.

If you suspect that your child has or is heading towards tooth erosion, your safest bet would be to contact our team at Bite Dental Studios.  We offer state-of-art dental care solutions in a safe hygienic and friendly environment so your child can continue to dazzle the world with that remarkable smile!

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