Tooth Decay and Gum Disease – Two Highly Contagious Conditions

Two Highly Contagious Conditions

When we talk about the word ‘contagious’ most people tend to thing about the ‘flu.  Seldom do we realise that tooth decay and gum disease can bring on a host of oral health problems not only for us but for those in the family as well.  Let’s take a closer look:

The Dirty Truth About Tooth Decay

To put it simply, if bacteria are present in the mouth, it will eat away at the tooth.  If left untreated this could result in a cavity and cause pain, infection and even tooth loss.  Normally, it is the combination of food and bacteria that causes decay as plaque forms on the gums and the teeth.  When you eat or dring something sweet, these bacteria feed off these sugars and create acids.  After about 20 minutes you’ll have a full blown acid attack on you teeth.  Over time, your tooth enamel breaks down and this is the start of tooth decay and poor oral health.

Normally as parents, we are considered the first line of defence when it comes to our children.  However, unknowingly we can actually pass along tooth decay!  By drinking from the same cup or brushing with the same tooth brush, bacteria can transfer from one person to another.  Often it is mum’s bacteria that are passed to the child and hence if mum has lots of fillings we need to be very vigilant as this can happen with the child.

Tooth decay in children causes pain and fever, it can also disrupt school and education.  Speech and eating habits are also affected along with mum and dads sleep.  Regular examinations can help prevent all of this and often remove the need for expensive dental treatment.

The Dangers of Gum Disease

Periodontal disease which is commonly called gum disease happens when the bone and the tissues that support the teeth get infected.  When there is a build-up of plaque, the bacteria contained inside it produce toxins tht damage and irritate the gums.  Apart from flossing and brushing every day, it is important to visit your dentist for regular teeth cleaning sessions above and below the gum margins.  If you gums bleed, look discoloured, are red or swollen or if you suffer from bad breath, then these are warning signs that you may have gum disease.  Unfortunately untreated gum disease is the most common reason adults lose teeth and end up with dentures or false teeth.

Bite Dental Studios Can Help

At Bite Dental Studios, we can help prevent tooth decay and gum disease by encouraging you to adopt a healthy dental care routine.  Prevention is the first step as it will safeguard your family from dental treatment and unnecessary expenses.  If we suspect that you already have an infection, we will analyze the condition and propose an effective plan because your teeth should last you a lifetime.

Th professionals at our family dental clinic would love to take a closer look at your oral health situation, so we can give you the best medical advice possible.

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