Some Things to Know About Teeth Whitening

Even if you don’t smoke, you may find that your teeth become yellow or discoloured over the years.  Since white, shiny teeth are often associated with a youthful, pleasing appearance, you may find that you will want to take advantage of teeth whitening services.  Contrary to popular belief, you will not need to undergo expensive laser procedures in order to achieve you goal.  In fact, if you visit you local Dentist Brisbane, Bite Dental Studios, you can easily select from a range of tooth whitening options.

What is Teeth Whitening?

Basically teeth whitening works in a way similar to bleaching clothes, it washes out stains and colours!  Hydrogen peroxide is placed on your teeth that will bleach out the stains and let your natural tooth colour shine through.  Today, tooth bleaching, or teeth whitening is one of the most popular types of cosmetic dentistry.

Unfortunately, the bleaching effect is not ‘permanent’ as stains will recur with time, often over a 5-10 year period.  Therefore, you may need to undergo the process again if you want to have perfectly white teeth.  Many people choose to undergo this procedure for the following reasons:

  • Planning a major life change such as getting married or starting a new job.
  • Applying for a job position where appearance will be a critical factor.
  • Giving a public speech or taking part in a high profile activity.
  • Dealing with the public on a regular basis

Teeth Whitening Methods

Today, there are three basic ways to get whiter teeth.  First, you can make use of the veneers that are permanently bonded to the surface of your teeth, this involves cutting your tooth, but we can change the shape and colour of your teeth in any way you want.

Second, a dentist can provide you with a custom made and spaced tray that can be used to bleach your teeth

Third, you can opt for laser whitening methods.  Even though this method is fairly expensive, the bleaching effect will not last any longer than what you would get from using custom trays and it doesn’t have the benefit of ‘top-up’ whitening sessions when required.

Advantages of Take Home Trays

The success of any teeth whitening method will rely on the initial bleaching agent.  Over the counter products are just not strong enough to a long lasting result.  However, the difference between laser teeth whitening and take home teeth whitening is not really discernible to the eye.

There are still a number of advantages that you will receive when you make use of take home trays from your dentist,  this includes:

  • Cost effective and convenient way to whiten or touch up teeth whenever needed.
  • Less expensive than laser methods.
  • Enhanced bleaching when compared to over the counter trays.
  • Less long term damage to your teeth when compared to veneers.

At Bite Dental, we realize that good oral care is as much about appearance and underlying sound dental health.  We are happy to offer tooth whitening services that will enable you to smile with confidence without costing a fortune.  Why should you have yellow, dull looking teeth when teeth whitening services are available and affordable?

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