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Know what to expect from dental costs in the Brisbane CBD

We often get questions regarding dental fees and the popular consensus is that dentists tend to overcharge. The average dental practice runs at around 15-20% profit, which means that the $200 filling you just got earned the dentist around $40. So how can dental fees vary from practice to practice? The answer is there is a vast difference in what you are actually getting, so it’s like asking: “how much does a red car cost?”

Make sure the treatment you get at one practice is the same as another. Don’t just go for the most expensive or the cheapest.

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Bite Dental Studios sits in the middle of the dental fee ladder. Our initial consultation including examination, which is a full hour with a dentist, costs $95.

There are more expensive and cheaper practices out there, but make sure you are informed about what you’re getting before making your choice. Remember a cheap haircut will grow out, but you will have your teeth for life.

You can easily find stories of dental work gone wrong. We know because every week people come to us to correct the unfortunate work that has been done on the cheap elsewhere.

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Watch out for medical insurance companies — they love pushing you into their 'Members Choice' or 'Preferred Provider' schemes. You could argue there is a conflict of interest when the insurance company decides how much to spend on the materials that go in your mouth and what care you can receive.

Fundamentally, medical insurance is taken so that you have the right to choose. Exercise that right as you have paid for it. The Australian Dental Association has a checklist of insurance here, as does John Small Health Advisory here. They do a great job at finding out if you're getting value for money from your insurance. We also like Members Own Health Funds, which you can find out more about here.

Bite Dental accepts all health funds and we don't recommend or support any particular insurer. We do recommend that you choose carefully and reassess every few years to see if a better deal exists.

Remember the insurers with large advertising budgets, multiple high-profile stores and celebrity staff will have less money remaining for your rebate. Who actually pays for the naming rights for the Australian Tennis Open, summer series of cricket or the State of Origin?

One other thing is that often "Dr Smith Family Dentist" is actually owned by a large corporate company. Over 80 practices around Brisbane are like this. Again, the focus is on shareholders and profits which can lead to corners being cut and your health missing out. Find out if your 'family' practice is actually owned by a family or a board of directors who set profit targets to be met.

What actually matters most is that your dental health is based on the relationship between you and your dentist. Find one you trust and like a good hairdresser — stick with them!