New Year’s resolutions to improve your dental health

With the festive season behind, it is a good time to reflect on the previous year and take a refreshed approach to your health and wellbeing. Many people see it as a fresh start and a good opportunity to re-evaluate some of their life choices. Therefore, making New Year’s resolutions will help you set new goals for the following year. Consider including these into your list, as they’ll assist you to achieve better oral health long-term.

Floss your teeth every day

We may sound like a broken record but flossing is a very beneficial habit when it comes to your dental health. Floss removes plaque between your teeth that toothbrush bristles, no matter how small or well designed, cannot reach. Less plaque on your teeth means a lesser chance of getting a cavity, having inflamed gums or bad breath.

Watch acid and sugar in your diet

A lot of commercially produced drinks are high in sugar and acid so now is a good time to ditch them. Even some seemingly healthy choices such as vitamin water, juices and sports drinks can be just as bad so check the label for sugar content and added acid even if it is in the form of fruit juice.

Don’t forget to check the labels of your yogurt and muesli bars as they can often be just as bad as your chocolate bars when it comes to sugar content. Fruit makes a healthy snack but can drop the pH in your mouth to make it more acidic. Keep that in mind and limit grazing on fruit all day. Be sure to drink plenty of water to wash away the acid that is naturally present in fruit after consumption.

Take time when cleaning your teeth and brush them for at least two minutes

Set a timer on your phone and you will be surprised how long two minutes may actually feel when it comes to brushing your teeth (many adults don’t come close to the recommended time). Two minutes of tooth brushing will ensure that you thoroughly clean your teeth from plaque and deliver beneficial ingredients that are contained in your toothpaste.

Wear your oral appliance!

Is your night guard patiently waiting to be worn while you sleep? Or is your mouthguard being forgotten when you play contact sport? Now is a good time to get into a habit of wearing them regularly to protect your teeth in the long run.

Look into getting a better extras cover

The majority of health funds will renew their annual limits at the beginning of the year. This is the best time to re-assess your current health insurance and compare it to other funds and policies to ensure that you are getting the best cover possible. Perhaps even crunch the numbers and see if the extras cover is really worth it. Some people are better off putting a small amount of money away into a saving account and using it to cover their ongoing ancillary treatments.

Most importantly don’t forget about your regular visits with Bite, so we can help you to accomplish those resolutions!

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