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$99 New Patient Offer

Bite Dental has moved into a larger practice, and to celebrate this we’re giving new patients a chance to see why we should be their new dentist.

If you’re looking for a new dentist in Brisbane, Bite Dental is offering a new patient special. This is a $99 offer which includes:

  • a consultation
  • check-up
  • any necessary x-rays

If you are interested in our new patient special, please request an appointment using the form below:

How this new patient special can help you

It can be hard to find a new dentist. Especially one who doesn’t just see you as a means to a paycheck.

At Bite Dental, your consultation, check-up and x-rays can be an hour-long appointment. The check-up can assess the health of your teeth above the gum line, and the x-rays will help to detect any underlying oral health issues.

You don’t need to use the full hour. However, this time has helped previous patients to not feel rushed. This allows them to express their concerns as well as allowing our dentists to provide a comprehensive examination and the beginnings of a treatment plan (if required).

Dental care from Brisbane CBD dentists

Taking care of your oral health can be an easy process. Maintaining good oral health has 2 main facets:

The first part is your daily at-home routine of:

  • Brushing (try waiting half an hour after eating before brushing)
  • Flossing (at least once a day)
  • Drinking water (this is not only good for staying hydrated, but it’s useful for rinsing debris off your teeth)

The second part is a regular check-up and clean with your dentist. How regularly you have a check-up and clean largely depends on your oral health.

How often should you have a dental check-up?

This question really does depend on your dental health. But it can probably be put into three categories.

  1. For some patients, especially those with gum disease or other oral health issues, a check-up every 3 months may be necessary.
  2. For patients with restorations—such as crowns or veneers—a 6-month check-up may be required.
  3. For patients in good oral health, with a good at-home regime, may only need a check-up every 12 months.

The only way to know with any certainty is to visit your dentist.

New patient offer

New patient? If you’re new to Bite Dental, you can take advantage of our new patient offer. For just $99 you can get a consultation, check-up and x-rays.

If you are interested in our new patient offer, please request an appointment using the form below:

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When you choose Bite Dental, you’re investing in your smile and long-term dental health and hygiene. Take advantage of our new patient offer and discover why you’ll love Bite Dental.

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