How to choose the right dentist

If you are in need of dental care, there are a few things you should look out for before choosing a dentist.

When it comes to choosing a dentist that is right for you and your family, there are some important factors to consider. You need to feel comfortable with the dental team and the practice, plus you’ll want to feel confident that you are receiving top-quality care, no matter your oral health needs. Read on to find out what our tips for choosing the right dentist are.

Meet for a consultation

One of the best ways to get to know a new dentist is to actually meet them in person. If you are in the process of choosing a new dentist, we encourage you to come in for a consultation. This will give you the opportunity to meet our team and become familiar with our practice. We are confident that you’ll find our team to be enthusiastic and highly skilled, and that you will receive top-quality care with us. Our practice is equipped with the latest dental equipment and technology, plus the environment has been designed to be as comfortable as possible.

When it comes to the dentists at Bite Dental Studios, you will have the opportunity to consult with either Dr Simon Franks or Dr Julia Moldavtsev. Dr Julia Moldavtsev has a special interest in sleep medicine and works with patients of all ages. Dr Simon Franks’ special skills and interests are in prosthodontics, and he often helps his patients transition from false or missing teeth to a full set of beautiful teeth. Both of the dentists at Bite Dental Studios are fully qualified and dedicated to improving their patients’ oral health.

Check their credentials

If you are looking for a new dentist, it can be hard to know what factors to consider. We recommend that your dentist is properly qualified and that they are committed to staying up-to-date with the latest news and research from the dental field.

At Bite Dental Studios, our dentists are highly qualified and have years of experience. Dr Simon Franks has an honours degree in Dentistry, Neuroscience and Human Anatomy and a master’s degree in Clinical Dentistry awarded with distinction from King’s College London. He is also a member of the Allied Health Network, and has direct access to many other therapies to improve patient care, including physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage and chiropractic care. Additionally, Dr Franks is a member of the Australian Dental Association and maintains AHPRA registration as a general dentist.

Dr Julia Moldavtsev has a degree in dental surgery and has completed further training in sleep medicine. She is also a member of the Australian Dental Association, Australian Sleep Association, Allied Health, the Brisbane Women’s Club and Business Networking International. This means that she has strong relationships with a wide circle of health professionals and service providers to whom she can refer you if you need further treatment.

Consider the cost

We understand that dental care can be expensive, which is why we offer fair fees for all of our dental services. In fact, our fees tend to sit in the middle of the general price range — our initial consultation including examination, which is a full hour with a dentist, costs $99.While there are dentists who charge more and less than this, it’s important that you consider the quality of the care that you receive. We use only the best materials and the most modern technology to ensure that we provide the best possible care at our practice. We won’t use cheap filling materials or rush through a check-up simply to save on costs.

To find out more about our fees, as well as the health funds that we accept, please have a look here. To arrange a consultation with one of our dentists, please get in touch.

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