Find a floss that fits!

You are not alone if you feel all fingers’n’thumbs when trying to get floss between your teeth. And before long—you give up!

Although flossing does take some practice, there are lots of different types of floss out there and so it’s also important to find the right floss for YOU!

As a general guide—if your teeth are quite tight together you should use a thin, waxed floss to help it slide between the teeth. Look for a ‘ribbon’ type which is flat like the name suggests (Oral B Satin for example). For those who have looser contacts between your teeth, a ‘rope’ type floss or ‘dental tape’ works best.

There are a range of nifty devices available now to help make the task much easier like flossettes, waterpicks and interdental brushes, so you aren’t just limited to that silly string! Let me know if you’re having trouble as there is always something available to make it easier for you.

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