Diabetes and Dentistry: For Your Consideration

We have always placed major emphasis on the fact that diabetes and dental health have gone hand-in-hand

We and seek to educate our patients in Brisbane CBD on exactly that point.

Understanding the importance of oral health care while managing diabetes and how diabetes affects oral health is vital to those who suffer from the disease. Many of the risk factors for diabetes can be detected by our Dental Risk Assessment Program.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease that limits or altogether stops the production of a hormone, insulin. Insulin is responsible for the absorption of glucose in the body so when diabetics eat food that contain glucose, that energy is lost, and the glucose is trapped in the blood. This is why blood sugar levels are higher in those that suffer from diabetes. This inhibits the function of the immune system and increases inflammation and can cause a host of serious health issues such as:

  • obesity
  • heart disease
  • kidney disease
  • vision/eye problems
  • sores in the feet and legs
  • infections in the skin and mouth

It is now suggested that gum disease is also another major concern brought on by diabetes.

The Link Between Diabetes and Gum Disease

Through our dedication over the years to treating diabetes patients’ dental concerns, we have established that a clear treatment plan needs to be followed. It goes without saying that diabetes sufferers need to pay particular attention to their health. Monitoring of one’s blood sugar will ensure that correcting gum disease and the other associated complications are that little bit easier.

At Bite Dental we set aside the time to make a full gum measurement and check during every appointment regardless of whether or not you suffer from diabetes. Gum disease is synonymous with diabetes and diabetics are more than three times as likely to suffer from infections and tooth loss. Gum disease often comprises of destructive tendencies like receding gums that can go without being noticed until it’s too late. The genetic nature of gum disease means that some people will get it and some won’t. Regardless of your genetics, the team at Bite Dental will plan a programme to ensure your oral health doesn’t trigger your immune system.

Treatment options become incredibly limited once the bone matter in your jaw is lost and early diagnosis is vital in its prevention. This means that even though your teeth may look healthy, they are only being held in place by the soft gum and not the actual bone beneath it. But it doesn’t end there. Diabetics who experience active gum disease are two to three time more likely to encounter cardiovascular complications and eight to nine times more at risk of renal failure. The evidence is there, diabetes and dental health are intrinsically linked.

The Bite Dental Risk Assessment Program

Our 20-minute consultation includes an OPG radiograph, random BSL, detailed medical history review and a screening examination targeted at locating gum disease in diabetics. After your consultation, we will put together a detailed report of the findings as well as provide you with recommendations for preventative care.

Diabetes and Dentistry from Bite Dental

The Bite Dental difference extends to all corners of dentistry, and we strive to uphold our three pillars of quality service to you: which are time, quality and friendliness in abundance. As we like to say, ‘Not all dental clinics are created equal’ and we are well aware that when dentistry is rushed, corners are cut, and the elements of care and consideration go out of the window. By bringing back the ideals of a family dentist approach we believe we can provide a comprehensive range of dental solutions with a personal touch.

With us you will always receive quality treatment that is tailored to exceed expectations and to give you the pinnacle in comfort in an environment that is friendly and relaxed. To find out more about our diabetic dentistry services or to make an appointment, please click here.

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