Back to School means back to the Dentist Kids!

It’s nearly back to school time! This means back to the dentist kids!

I don’t know about you, but we are a bit worried about them. All this fun over such a long break can mean that the humdrum of school is a shock to the system.

So why not ease them into this with a visit to their lovely dentist?!

Your kid’s dental is just as important as your own, so we encourage you to book them in with you for your next appointment.

What age should I take my kids to the dentist?

The short answer is around their 1st birthday. Don’t wait until an emergency comes up, it is best to identify any early decay and developmental abnormalities as early as possible. Early dental visits will also enable you to discuss oral hygiene and dietary advice with dental staff that will help to prevent oral diseases in the future. In most cases there will be little or no treatment necessary at that age which helps to establish a good relationship between your child and a dental practitioner. 

Checkups and cleans for your child at the dentist

It is imperative that you and your child maintain 6-monthly checkups at Bite. Our dental cleans are very different to their daily brushing routine.

When you and your child have your teeth professionally cleaned at Bite, we work to remove the plaque and tartar that has built up. This is something your toothbrush just can’t do. 

Additionally, a Bite check-up will allow us to examine the overall health of your kid’s teeth, gums and jaw to identify any issues and avoid future dental emergencies.

If you skip these appointments, this plaque and tartar invites nasty bacteria to live next to your gums, causing inflammation and potentially gum disease – the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. 

Bite Dental and my child

Here at Bite Dental, we love all teeth great and small. We regularly treat children as old as 1, and look to help parents make oral health fun and easy. If you are looking for a kids dentist near you, look no further than Bite Dental

We can’t wait to see you and your family again soon, and see your kid’s smile again!

If you haven’t seen us for a while, or feel you need to take steps for your dental health, we highly encourage you to make an appointment at your favourite Brisbane City dentist in the new year.  Right now, we are also offering new patients a full check-up for $99. This involves a consultation with a dentist, a full check-up exam, and any necessary x-rays. You will be able to improve your oral health at your favourite dentist in Brisbane City.

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Invest in your smile and health, for now and the future

When you choose Bite Dental, you’re investing in your smile and long-term dental health and hygiene. Take advantage of our new patient offer and discover why you’ll love Bite Dental.

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