Ellie was born in Taiwan and moved to Brisbane at a young age, where she completed her schooling and also acquired her Bachelor of Dental Science (Hons) from the University of Queensland. During her degree, Ellie was awarded the Colgate Undergraduate Student Research Prize, and is still currently involved in further research projects at the university. Despite having grown up in Brisbane, Ellie is fluent in both Mandarin and English.

Ellie has experience in the public sector, where she previously had the opportunity to work in the Darling Downs and Brisbane Metro regions.

Ellie's interest in dentistry stemmed from her many positive dental experiences as a child, and she hopes to bring the same to her patients. Having also worked as a dental assistant and receptionist previously, Ellie understands the importance of teamwork with both staff and patients to bring about the best outcome.

Ellie enjoys all aspects of dentistry but is particularly interested in preventative, restorative dentistry and root canals. She hopes to encourage and inspire her patients to take an active approach towards maintaining their oral health.

Outside of her time as a dentist, Ellie thoroughly enjoys playing the violin (she was awarded her AMusA several years ago), working out at the gym and travelling whenever she has the chance.

出生于台湾的Ellie,自小就来到布里斯本读书,并且毕业于昆士兰大学Bachelor of Dental Science (Hons)。在读书期间获得了Colgate颁发的学生研究奖金,目前也继续在昆士兰大学做研究。Ellie虽然在布里斯班长大,却同时精通中文和台语。

在加入Bite Dental之前,曾在Toowoomba 以及布里斯本地区的昆士兰政府公共牙科诊所为当地居民服务。这份工作让Ellie更加珍惜为大众服务的机会。



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