Patient Resources

Your first visit

Ready, set, welcome

At Bite Dental we aim for you to have a smooth experience—from the time you book your appointment to when you smile and head out the door. The details will be in your mailout, however, if you’re keen to start preparing you can click to download, review and complete the following now:

Bite Dental Medical History Form
This tells us a little about you and makes sure that we’ll be ready beforehand if any special conditions exist, or if specific treatments are required.

Bite Dental Release of Records Form
This form allows us to transfer your existing dental records from your previous dentist. If we can avoid doubling up on things such as x-rays, then we will.

Consultation & Financial Guidelines Form
This form outlines our terms and gives us your understanding and permission to proceed with required dental work.

We know you appreciate talking to someone about your dental options. If you’d like more information, call Bite Dental Studios today to book a consultation.