Should I get an irrigator? Oxyjet VS Waterpik

An oral irrigator is a gadget that produces a fine water jet in rapid pulses. They’re popular and everybody wants to know if they’re the secret to throwing away that annoying floss? The short answer is YES, they work—but they’re not for everyone. If you have:


  • gaps between your teeth due to gum disease
  • bridges and around dental implants
  • difficulty cleaning due to arthritis/stroke/disability
  • braces


Then a water-jet irrigator can be a fantastic ADDITION to a brush and flossing. If you have good teeth and healthy gums, you only need to brush and floss properly.

Using an irrigator such as waterpik or oxyjet can be beneficial for those who have dental braces, bridges and implantsRemember to hold the jet at 90 degrees to the tooth & lean over the sink with your moth half closed—they can make a mess!

Waterpik or Oxyjet? Neither is better so it’s your choice!

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