Last month Simon spoke at the Queensland Diabetes Educators annual conference on the latest research linking gum disease to diabetes. This year at Bite we are continuing to work hard to push the message about diabetics and gum disease; and the importance of oral care being a part of the big picture!

Diabetes Education NightNext month is National Diabetes Week 2014 so Simon and Jenna will be running another free education evening at the Northern Suburbs Bowls Club, Wavell Heights on Wednesday 26th July.Bite Dental holds free educational nights for people with diabetesBite Dental, along with colleagues from a number of different allied health areas including podiatry, optometry, nutrition, exercise physiology, diabetes education and more will be donating their time once a quarter to help others understand how this condition affect different aspects of thebody and what you can do about it.If you, or someone you know has diabetes—ask Lyn-Maree for some more information on the event. It will be very valuable night!