When shopping for dental floss there are many choices. While they’re all designed to clean in between your teeth, not all flosses are made equal. Here are some ideas on the type of floss that may best suit your teeth:

Find the right floss to use if you have dental braces or bridgesTight gaps—fine shred resistant floss is your best bet such as Oral B Satin Floss and Glide

Pro-HealthWide spaces—look for textured floss like Oral B Superfloss and Ultrafloss

Retainers, braces and bridges—floss with a threader will help you glide the floss under the appliance. Superfloss has one built-in or you can buy individual ones from your pharmacy and use your preferred floss with them (GUM® is a popular brand of floss threaders).

Hard to reach areas—floss holders are perfect if you can’t reach you back teeth with ordinary floss. They are also great for flossing kid’s teeth. Many brands make this type of flosser so check your local pharmacy or supermarket.