Do you ever experience the occasional twinge from cold drinks or when you scratch the outside of your tooth? You might be one of many who experience dentinal hypersensitivity. In English this means that the gums have receded to expose the sensitive neck of the tooth, which is not covered with hard enamel.Do your teeth hurt when have cold food or drinks? Bite Dental's Jenna give you tips to minimise discomfort.Overtime, these areas will reharden from the minerals in our saliva and become less sensitive. In the meantime, a little trick that can help this process is to switch to a sensitive toothpaste. There are many around but they're mostly similar. It's mainly about finding one that works for you! It's also best to use these as you regular toothpaste, rather than sporadically. For extra affect, try applying some extra toothpaste to the most sensitive areas with your finger and avoid rinsing out afterward. Sensodyne Rapid Relief and Colgate Prorelief are great for this, but any of the sensitive rangeswould work.