Bite Dental is Brisbane's favourite team of dental experts
Sore teeth and gums are Bite Dental's specialty

Ever feel like you were rushed through an appointment or treated like a number? You'll never feel that here! At Bite Dental we've taken our three core values of TIME, QUALITY and FRIENDLINESS to the next level.

Not all dental clinics are created equal. The Bite Team knows that when dentistry is rushed, dental workers have no time to be gentle or simply make sure you’re fairing well. That's the time when corners get cut and mistakes often happen. That clearly is NOT OK with us. 

We've brought back the real ‘family dentist’ approach. At Bite you'll see your same friendly dentist each visit—the one that knows you, your health and how best to look after you.

Our patients are our friends and are treated as such. We take the time to be gentle and make sure you’re comfortable and doing well at every step of the process.

After many years of practice we've found the best outcomes occur when there is plenty of time to get to know you, so that we can understand you and your wants and needs.

We take the time work out why things happened in the first place, and show you how to prevent them from occurring again.

This means you receive the most proven dental treatments designed personally for you, delivered with the highest level of comfort in a relaxed and friendly environment.