Diabetics need to take extra care of their teeth
Diabetes dental care

Bite Dental Risk Assessment Program

At Bite Dental Brisbane, we understand the importance of oral health care in the overall management of diabetes. That’s why we have developed a free screening program for people diagnosed with diabetes that aims to identify existing risk factors for gum disease and tailors a preventive care plan that would best suit the patient to reduce their risk profile.

The 20min consult includes an OPG radiograph, random BSL, detailed medical history review and a screening examination targeted at finding gum disease in diabetics.

*This does not constitute the start of dental treatment or replace a routine dental examination with a Brisbane dentist.

At the end of the consult the patient will receive a short report with the details of the findings and the recommendations for preventive care that they can take to their Brisbane dentist, or if they desire, we can organise appropriate referrals for treatment.

Act now before you become another statistic!

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