Before and After gallery

At Bite we take pride in our artistry to give you your best smile. We've created a gallery of commonly experienced dental problems to help you understand the potential of various dental improvements. Some work is purely cosmetic, but other work fixes larger-scale dental issues. Often it's a combination of both. 

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If you have any questions about any procedure, be sure to get in contact. Simon and the team are happy to answer any question, no matter how obvious or strange.

Tooth replacement

This patient had lost her premolar tooth due to gum disease. Dental implants were not an option so we replaced her tooth with an adhesive bridge. The whole treatment was completed with minimal drilling and no needles and the finished restoration blends naturally to restore her smile again.


Tooth wear

This patient was embarrassed over the wear and discolouration of his front teeth. These teeth were restored with white filling materials to provide him with improved function and a much improved aesthetic appearance.

Aesthetic Dentistry

This patient was unhappy with the existing crowns on his front teeth as they had chipped and made the gums appear dark. We replaced these with all ceramic crowns designed to mask out the underlying dark teeth and to give a more natural aesthetic appearance.



Botox for teeth clenching (2017)

This lady presented seeking an alternate solution to wearing her night guard. The splint had been prescribed to protect her teeth from her clenching habit however her sleep had not improved with its use. Botox was used to reduce the forces generated by the jaw muscles and over time it also reduced the bulk of the cheek muscles slimming her face. 


Botox for teeth clenching (2015)

This lady presented with headaches and a sore jaw due to clenching her teeth. As a result the jaw muscles in her cheeks had also enlarged. After discussion the patient decided she did not want to wear a night guard so Botox was used to reduce the forces generated by the jaw muscles. Over three months the jaw muscles have decreased in size and her symptoms have resolved. A side effect is that her face also appears slimmer.



This lady presented not liking the colour of her smile. She had tried laser whitening in the past but was still not happy with the results. We placed six minimal preparation ceramic veneers on her front teeth to improve the colour. We also designed the veneers to have more rounded or softer edges so as to make these teeth more aesthetically pleasing for her. This made a dramatic improvement to her smile which she was very happy with.