Visit Bite Dental in our Brisbane surgery

Love Bite—Our aim is to have you LOVE what we do for you! 

Essentially our patients become our friends—that’s why they trust us and why we respect them.

Our satisfaction is in knowing we’ve put a real smile on your face—not just fixed your teeth.

Frightened of the dentist? Bite Dental will take care of you

Your first visit

Ready, set, welcome

At Bite Dental we aim for you to have a smooth experience—from the time you book your appointment to when you smile and head out the door.

If this is your very first visit to Bite, we'd like to welcome you to our community. You'll be sent an introductory pack in the mail, which includes important information and forms to help streamline your time with us. A little preparation ensures that we can give you the best possible service without distraction or delay. 

The details will be in your mailout, however if you're keen to start preparing you can click to download, review and complete the following now;

The sooner you can return the completed forms, the faster we can have everything ready and waiting for when we see you in person.

Tick tock

We understand the value of your time, that’s why you can depend on us to be running to schedule.

Appointments are arranged so that both the client’s comfort and treatment outcomes are optimised. We do it once—we do it properly.

In keeping with our on-time commitment, we don’t charge for rescheduling appointments provided 48 hrs advance notice is given. That way the empty timeslot can be made available to another client.


We also understand that occasionally clients may feel jittery about their visit. 

At Bite we go the extra distance to make you feel at ease and in control—be assured that our team members are considerate and skilled care providers with a genuine interest in your wellbeing.

Warm and fuzzy

Love us? Tell a friend! 

We don't like to clog up the environment with adverts, instead, new clients are usually referred to us by our existing friends or other dentists and doctors who recognise the value of Bite’s high quality care. Aside from making us feel loved, we’re truly appreciative of these referrals. In response, we like to personally thank our referring friends for their confidence in us, so please let us know if someone gave you the good word about Bite.

Its not all talk

We encourage you to contact us if you have any kind of question or concern. What you're thinking matters to us.

Simon and the Bite Team