Bite Dental fixes sore teeth and gums for people in Brisbane looking for a friendly dentist.

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Conveniently located in the heart of the Brisbane CBD, Bite Dental offers you a sparkling approach to general and cosmetic dentistry—visiting the dentist has never been better! Unlike the usual dental experience of starchy white coats and a 'clinical' vibe, Bite Dental Brisbane warmly delivers experienced and friendly service in a relaxed and modern setting. With a dental team that are in-tune with your every need, there’s nothing left to do but sit back and relax while all your oral health needs are taken care of.

A relaxed and rewarding trip to a Brisbane dentist

Some dentists don’t always take the time that’s required to ensure patients are comfortable and that their teeth are getting the attention they deserve and need. When dentists rush through appointments, their patients suffer because existing or potential problems are overlooked and extra care isn’t taken to ensure the patient is comfortable. At Bite Dental Brisbane you can expect the full ‘family dentist’ experience. Our dentist and team take the time to know and understand your needs and make sure your comfortable, ensuring a trip to the dentist is a positive experience—every time.

At Bite Dental Brisbane, our general and cosmetic dentistry service includes:

  • Preventive dentistry;
  • Comprehensive examinations including an oral cancer exam;
  • Diabetes care and gum disease risk assessment;
  • Scaling and cleaning;
  • General dentistry with white fillings;
  • Root canals;
  • Cosmetic treatment including tooth whitening and veneers;
  • Tooth removal;
  • Crowns, bridges and dentures;
  • Implants;
  • Emergency appointments; and
  • Second opinion consultations.

Convenient, comfortable and comprehensive dental care right in the heart of Brisbane CBD—the dentist where you don’t actually feel like you’re visiting the dentist!  

Call 07 3221 5399 and arrange an appointment to see the dentist in Brisbane where your needs come first. For Quality Comprehensive Dental Care - Sink your teeth into Bite Dental Studios Brisbane!

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